Summer’s coming!
That means migrating shorebirds, such as willets and red knots, plovers and sandpipers, are returning to the shores of my beloved beach, the Isle of Palms.  And this year, their arrival also signals the arrival of my new novel, BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT.

This is the final book of my Beach House Series, which started many years after I moved to the Isle of Palms and fell in love with the majestic loggerhead sea turtle that calls this shoreline home every nesting season. It was the first time a species inspired my story line.

For my longtime, faithful readers, many of you have read the series (THE BEACH HOUSE; BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES; SWIMMING LESSONS).

BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT will bring this series to a satisfying conclusion. For those who have not read the aforementioned books, I assure you that you will wholeheartedly enjoy BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT, without having to read the other three titles. If you find time to read the other books before the June 20th release, then this story will have added meaning.

Next month, I hit the road for book tour. Here’s a peak at what’s in store just for the month of June.

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This year’s book tour will be coast-to-coast! I’m returning to some of favorite places and visiting several new spots in Ohio, Tennessee, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be at the Nantucket Book Festival,too, June 16-18th.

I’m happy to say that everyone who pre-orders a copy of BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT will receive this handy little bag, while supplies last. You can use it for anything… to carry your beach snacks, pool towels, library books, or groceries!


All of my novels written since moving to my beloved island town always highlight a species. Sea turtles certainly play an important role in this new story (Cara Rutledge is in the book after all, so it had to be!). But I also introduce you to new species–migrating shorebirds and the beloved brown pelican. They are common sights here.

Dare to be different! A brown pelican relaxes among a flock of American oystercatchers.

BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT will help raise awareness about the state of migrating shorebird populations along the coast. Did you know that their numbers are dropping? Some, like the intrepid red knot–which travels all the way from the Arctic Circle–have experienced a population drop as much as 70 percent, according to the national Audubon Society.

BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT will give you a deeper appreciation of the beauty of these shorebirds and pelicans and how we impact their existence.

It was my own personal experience helping rescue a juvenile pelican here at the beach that opened me up to the bird world. After learning so much, I knew it was an important story to tell! I’m thrilled to share BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT with you this summer, and I hope to see you on book tour!