I can finally share my new novel with you, my dear readers! I’m so excited! I’ve said this before, but this is a book of my heart. BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT returns to the beach I call home and allows me to share with you, through the characters’ lives and experiences, why I love the Lowcountry of coastal South Carolina so much.

I’m honored to see BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT listed on many summer reading lists and to see it selected as an Amazon “book of the month” for June. But most importantly, I’m honored to have this opportunity to share my novels with you, my readers. I hope to meet many of you during my summer book tour. CLICK HERE to see the complete tour schedule. And if you can’t make it out, I do hope BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT is on your summer reading list this season.

Migrating shorebirds and brown pelicans were the inspiration for BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT.  Through the power of story I hope to raise awareness about important issues facing the wild. Remember, we can all make a difference. If your summer schedule includes a trip to the beach, remember these simple tips during your visit:   

  • Stay off sand dunes. It’s a nesting ground for some shorebirds. When the birds feel threatened, they fly up, exposing their eggs to the relentless sun and burning their own limited energy.
  • Keep your dogs on leashes when you see a group of birds clustered along the shore.

  • Teach your children not to chase shorebirds. These birds are feeding along the shore to nourish themselves before continuing on their migration.

  • Always retrieve your fishing lines. They’re deadly to birds and dolphins.
  • Avoid using plastic bags, straws, and plastic bottles. It’s dangerous to all marine life.

  • Fill in your sand holes. Sea turtles and hatchlings can get stuck in them.

  • Pick up your trash. Leave only your footprints in the sand.

No matter which beach you live near or vacation at, the simple actions we take today will help preserve all that we love about our beaches, so that our children and our grandchildren can enjoy the wild beauty of the beach (or even lake or river) for generations to come.