That’s the release date of BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT.
It’s a return to the beach–my beach–the Isle of Palms, where I call home. And this is a book of my heart.

This week I begin a coast-to-coast book tour to share this special moment with all of you. Thank you, dear readers for your love and support. Without you, this book would not be possible.



BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT is the fourth installment of The Beach House series, one that began in 2002 with the release of THE BEACH HOUSE. It was a pivotal book in my career because it was the first time I changed the way I told stories. I decided to develop my story around nature…a species here in the South Carolina coastal landscape. It struck a chord with so many readers. And it added deeper meaning to my storytelling. Today, I still write novels rooted in nature. Loggerhead sea turtles, monarch butterflies, and bottlenose dolphins are a few of the species that have been the backdrop of my writing. And this time in BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT it is the brown pelican and shorebirds that reside or stopover on the Isle of Palms. click here for book overview.


Earlier this year I was a guest contributor on a literary website called Great Thoughts Great Readers. I wrote a love letter to my readers. I’m sharing a segment of that letter with you today as I gear up for my summer book tour. This is a cherished time of year for me… re-connecting with longtime readers, meeting new readers, visiting booksellers and their bookstores, and–my favorite thing–hearing your stories.


Now with twenty published books, and another coming out this summer, I want you to know this. With every book release, you–my dear readers–lift me up.  I’m grateful for your incredible emails, letters, and book reviews. For showing up at book signings. (It’s become an annual reunion of old faithful friends for some of us). I receive the most thoughtful, unique gifts from you, all of which adorn my home–artwork, photographs, a patchwork handmade shawl, sea glass jewelry, sea turtle figurines, journals, scrapbook pages…I could go on for a couple of paragraphs, seriously. I deeply appreciate every gift– big or small. But what I love most is the thoughtfulness behind the gift-giving. For you to take the time to write to me or stand in line at a book signing is the best gift I could ever hope to receive. Every handshake and hug, every heartfelt story you share with me is exhilarating.

My appreciation is too deep for a mere “thank you.” Too big to express adequately. Let me just say that you give me the inspiration to keep writing. To keep sharing with you my experiences and insights. Every book I send out is a public display of my love for storytelling, for our natural world–and for you.

What book tour event is happening near you? Click here for book tour schedule. See you on the road, dear readers!