Welcome to Isle of Palms, SC
Mural by: Gretta Kruesi

I finally did it! My first Facebook Live video. And I must admit, it was actually pretty fun, and easy (except for the fact that we couldn’t get the Live video feature to work on my Facebook author page, so we did it from my Facebook conservation page instead). I must learn to speak louder next time, but it was truly a live experience, from the part of the island we call “Front Beach” on the Isle of Palms.

In the video, you’ll meet my daughter, Gretta Kruesi, who is the artist commissioned to do the huge mural on the public bath/shower building next door to the popular hangout and restaurant, Coconut Joe’s. The artwork is almost complete, and just in time for beach season. I must say, this is a proud mama moment. I love that she’s using her own unique talents to raise awareness about ocean conservation right here in our own community. You’ll also meet a few of my friends, learn a few facts about my beloved island town, and get the latest on the upcoming Hallmark movie based on one of my books, and details about my new book BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT, available June 20th.

Here’s the video! I hope y’all enjoy it.

I’ll be sure to do a another Facebook Live video again soon before the June 20th book release.