Most people don’t know that titles of books are not copyrighted.

For example, I could write a book titled Gone with the Wind. Surprised? I know I was when other books titled The Beach House were released! Most of the time, publishers want to avoid a title that’s already been taken, but sometimes books do emerge with the same title.  This can be confusing to readers and I’ve received many letters asking me about this.  Here’s my attempt to explain it.

My book The Beach House came out in 2002.  This was an important book for my career and me personally because I had decided with this book to bring awareness to important environmental issues–especially those confronting my home and community on the southeastern coast–through the power of story.

The Beach House is the story of a mother-daughter reconciliation set against the back drop of the nesting cycle of the loggerhead sea turtles. Word of mouth catapulted this book to the New York Times bestsellers list—my first!  Two months after my release, James Patterson came out with a thriller titled The Beach House.  That was a big surprise to all of us.  I had many readers write to tell me they read The Beach House but there were no turtles in it.  Of course they’d picked up Patterson’s book!  (I wonder if James was asked where the turtles were in his book?)

Fast forward several years and Jane Green came out with a book titled The Beach House set in the northeast.  Georgia Bockoven published a series of books called The Beach House.  Now it was getting extremely confusing for readers.

So to clear things up: my original The Beach House series has had a follow up every five years or so. I’ve continued the series as new issues about sea turtles emerged and I had something new to say.  My readers enjoy revisiting favorite characters years later to peek into how their lives are developing—the ups and downs, marriages, babies.

2002 The Beach House

 2008  Swimming Lessons

2013 Beach House Memories

On June 20, 2017 my new novel, Beach House for Rent, will bring the The Beach House series full circle.  

The book can be read as a standalone novel if you’ve never read the others. For those who have, this story will be more meaningful.  And I’m excited to mention that my original The Beach House will be a Hallmark movie later this summer starring Andie MacDowell.

As confusing as all the same title The Beach House books may be, one thing is certain.  If you’re interested in my series of The Beach House, look for my name: Mary Alice Monroe.  I hope that clears things up. I also hope you enjoy Beach House for Rent coming June 20, 2017!

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